Snapchat referral traffic

Tracking Snapchat Referral Traffic vs Instagram Referral Traffic

Is tracking Snapchat referral traffic easy compared to Instagram? The answer is no: currently there is no way to track Snapchat referrals. Tracking Instagram Referral Traffic Tracking Instagram referral traffic is actually very easy. If you log into your Google Analytics, you will be able to find Instragram-referred traffic under Acquisition>Social>Overview. From there, you will

Translating Netflix Subtitles

Translating Netflix Subtitles: Netflix and Earn? (The Hermes Test)

Move over Netflix and Chill, now it’s all about Netflix and Earn! Well, kind of. Announced as the best way to get Netflix for free, the company announced on several news sites that it was recruiting translators for its original series and movies subtitles (for example: The Next Web). The Backstory A friend alerted me

Selling Your Home: 10 Buyers Types You’ll Come Across (and What To Do)

With so much information available for first time buyers, who is really looking after first time sellers who want to move up the property ladder? And how can you guess who is a serious buyer of your home and who is a time-waster? Selling Houses: Customer Profiling Property programmes on TV make it look so