Manual lymphatic drainage

Energya lymphatic drainage massage

What is lymphatic drainage?

Beat that bloated feeling and water retention with a series of Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatments.

This technique is very effective for sinus congestion and to help boost the immune system. It is a gentle form of massage that works on lymph vessels which are responsible for transporting dead blood cells, toxins and excess fluid in the tissues.

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Energya did a study on the effects of manual lymphatic drainage on a number of case studies. Check out our infographic on lymphatic drainage.

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Lymphatic drainage can considerably improve recovery post-surgery by reducing swelling and inflammation.

A client said: ‘I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks very much for a lovely treatment yesterday. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the hour’s massage and I am feeling so much better today’.

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It is recommended to have a course of at least 6 treatments for maximum results. Call 07803961669 or email to book your appointment. Central London based.

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What goes on during a manual lymphatic drainage? Have a look at a short VIDEO TUTORIAL on lymphatic drainage for the face that you can do at home.

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