PR and Social Media Services for Small Businesses: Authentic Marketing for Meaningful Conversations

Are you bored of the usual “blah blah” social media conversations? Do you want to have meaningful conversations with clients, business partners, the media?    Paola Bassanese: Social Media Consultant Creating Engaging Communications The art of conversation on social media is the complete opposite of broadcasting: it’s not “me, me, me” but “you, you, you”. […]

Apple muffins Energya Ltd

Apple Muffins (with Hidden Berry Syrup)

I have a confession to make: I picked some berries because of their health and nutrition benefits and turned them into a syrup. Guess what? The syrup tasted vile. Absolutely unpalatable. How to remedy the situation? The berries in this case were rowan tree berries, highbush cranberries and hawthorn berries. All of them have amazing […]

Blackberry sponge cake Energya Ltd

Blackberry Sponge Cake

It’s blackberry season! Well, depending on when you read this post, that is – with modern supermarkets making every type of fruit and vegetable available throughout the year, nothing beats picking your own blackberries in the height of summer. Wrestle with the bees and the thorns to grab some plump berries oozing fragrant red juice. […]