PR and Social Media Services for Small Businesses: Authentic Marketing for Meaningful Conversations

Are you bored of the usual “blah blah” social media conversations? Do you want to have meaningful conversations with clients, business partners, the media?    Paola Bassanese: Social Media Consultant Creating Engaging Communications The art of conversation on social media is the complete opposite of broadcasting: it’s not “me, me, me” but “you, you, you”. […]

Wild mushroom soup Energya Ltd

Spicy Wild Mushroom Soup

What is it about foraging for mushroom that is so exciting? When you spot an edible mushroom (or, even better, a whole bunch of them) you get such an endorphin rush. What to do with all those mushrooms? If you have a mixed bag of different wild mushrooms you can’t go wrong with a delicious […]

porcini lasagne

Wild Porcini Mushroom Lasagne

“If you want to go mushroom hunting you need to think like a mushroom” (Paola Bassanese) To celebrate finding my first ever porcini mushroom (boletus edulis or king bolete), I cooked some lasagne and I’d like to share the recipe with you.       INGREDIENTS 150 gr wild porcini mushrooms 60 gr butter 50 […]

Mushroom bhaji Energya Ltd

Wild Mushroom Bhaji Recipe

Once upon a time, a friend on Instagram tagged me on a mushroom bhaji picture. I thought it would be a good idea to cook mushroom bhaji at least once, as I had never tried it before. Mushrooms are in season, so why not use some foraged wild mushrooms to make this dish? I used […]