social media and freelance writing featured in the guardian

Energya Social Media and Freelance Writing Featured in The Guardian

Energya Recognised in The Guardian for Marketing and Writing Innovation   Energya Social Media and Freelance Writing Services Featured in The Guardian. Energya’s social media services allow clients to reach new markets by engaging in conversation with potential clients. Energya’s social media services have also enabled clients to increase the reach of their website and blog […]

Salentina Elderflower Frittata

Salentina Elderflower Frittata

The chef from Salentina in London has kindly provided this recipe using elderflower in a savoury dish.   Serves 2 INGREDIENTS For the frittata: 4 free range eggs 30g of fresh Pecorino with peppercorn (4 slices) 30 g of grated Grana Padano 20g of fresh Edelflowers Alexanders or parsley, chopped For the side salad: Cherry […]

Guam chopped salad energya ltd

Guam Chopped Bacon Salad with Coconut Titiyas

I have a confession to make: I defrosted bacon instead of chicken, hence my variation on the typical Guam chopped chicken salad. I must say it tastes just as delicious as the original version! Serves 2 For the chopped salad:   INGREDIENTS 4 bacon rashers 100 gr onion, chopped 2 wild garlic leaves 1 tablespoon pickled […]

Shepherd's pie with wild vegetables

Shepherd’s Pie with Wild Vegetables

As soon as I saw an instagram picture of nutritionist Angelique Panagos’ shepherds pie, I simply had to have a go at making it using wild vegetables! Angelique featured in my book Strictly Walk Slimmer, she is an excellent nutritional therapist and I recommend having a session with her. INGREDIENTS 30 gr chopped onion 5 […]